BeSpoken, a custom fit.

With the intention of providing focused, savvy PR and media strategies tailored to our clients' needs, we established BeSpoken. 

BeSpoken Media is a creative public relations and media marketing boutique specializing in sustainable living, natural beauty, fashion, farming, food, design and lifestyle businesses. With a passion for sustainable and organic businesses and products, we aim to work with conscientious entrepreneurs. BeSpoken Media combines innovative ideas and effective execution to help our clients exceed their goals and achieve growth. We work closely with business owners to obtain extensive knowledge of the brands we work with to tailor our media marketing efforts to specifically fit each individual brand. 


Be Seen

Through social media, news publications, email marketing, events, and brand expansion we can help you create and maintain the right relationships.

Be Heard

Need a voice for your brand? Your vision matters most. Allow us to spread the word and connect your business to the media.