Our February Faves!

We're back with some bomb new technological, beauty and food & drink favorites for all your "wondering" minds. Enjoy our February picks and please leave a comment if you want to see anything in our March edition!



Depop is a social clothing and miscellanius item-resale app similar to Poshmark. We have found that Depop is the perfect place to find amazing 60s-00s dead stock items and vintage glories that are unavailable elsewhere. Selling on Depop is also super simple because of easy Paypal compatibility. 


Wellspent is an app that helps users track their spending by dedicating specific budgets to categories such as "Groceries," "Car & Gas," "Utilities," etc. Users can sync smart devices and computers to the service for help with debt, down payments, building a savings account and more!


Lush Dark Angels Face and Body Cleanser

Dark Angels is a face and body cleanser by Lush that exfoliates absorbs oils to improve the overall appearance of skin and aid acne conditions. Dark angels made of sensitive rhassoul mud, which acts as a deep cleanser, and avocado oil, which softens and hydrates.

Shea Moisture Facial Wipes

Shea Moisture wipes are the best facial wipes available online and in-store at Ulta. With three new formulas: Raw Shea Butter (for hydration), Coconut & hibiscus (for dull/uneven skin) and Superfruit Multivitamin (for uneven texture), Shea Moisture benefits every skin type. All three formulas are amazing dirt, oil and makeup removers.  


JUS Ginger Shot


Ginger shots have been hot in the juice bar scene for quite some time, but we just discovered this packaged brand at Whole Foods! Pick up a JUS ginger booster shot to boost immunity, fight nausea, clear nasal passages. JUS also produces turmeric, lemon, kava and ginger citrus shots for various other benefits. 

Cocoburg Vegan Coconut Jerky

According to the Cocoburg site, the brand created the first and only raw, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, superfood jerky on the market. Cocoburg jerky comes in original, chili lime and ginger teriyaki flavors, and are available locally at Old Nelson Food Company and VIP Market in Philly. Get your hand on these bad boys and let us know what you think!

Viki's Granola Snack Packs

Love is the first and most important ingredient in Viki's original, blueberry almond, maple cranberry, banana walnut and apple cinnamon granola! Viki's company began when she made  granola for her daughter's bake sale and received an overwhelming response. All five flavors are available in 12 oz. packs, 10 1.5 oz. on-the-go packs and 30 1.5 oz. multipack options on Viki's site!