6 Packing Tips to Make Your Life Simpler

*image via fodors.com*

*image via fodors.com*

It's summer! Woohoo! Hopefully you've got at least one awesome trip planned over the next few months. Planning vacations can be stressful, and packing can be SUPER stressful, especially because it's often done last minute. Take a moment to read over our packing tips so that you don't stress over it!

1. Make a list

Pack in an organized manner from the start. Make a detailed list of everything you'll need. This will help you avoid forgetting anything. It's also useful to take the list with you so that when you pack back up to go home, you are able to make sure you have everything you arrived with.

2. Be organized

Trash bags for dirty laundry, ziplock bags for toothpaste and liquid toiletries, and plastic shopping bags or shower caps to keep your shoes from dirtying your clothing are a few smart things to pack.

3. Roll!

Rolling your clothing saves space and also keeps items from getting super wrinkly. Pack entire outfits together in your luggage so you can easily find things without having to do a lot of digging.

4. Be realistic

Don't get ahead of yourself. If you're going to be doing a lot of walking, leave the sky-high heels at home. They're just going to make for an unpleasant time. Pack things that are comfortable and easy.

5. Be prepared

Don't forget an umbrella, a jacket, extra cash, bandaids, pain killer, and any other small things that might seem trivial and unnecessary, but can be a hassle to go out and purchase when they're needed on the spot.

6. Don't pack to the brim

Assume you'll probably come home with more than you left with. Leave some space in your bags for anything you might buy on your trip.