Spring Cleaning and Organizing Checklist

image via teachhub.com

image via teachhub.com

Spring is always welcomed with open arms. Though we did not have too rough of a winter this year, we are still excited for all the things that come with spring. Warm weather, blooming flowers, street festivals, sandals, and spring cleaning, of course. One of the best ways to brighten your mood and atmosphere come springtime is to remove clutter, reorganize, and clean your home. We’ve got a quick checklist for you to make this year’s spring cleaning easier than ever.


Dust ceiling fans

Wash all bedding

Organize closets

De-clutter knickknacks, etc


Living Room/Dining Room

Vacuum/Dust curtains and upholstery

Dust picture frames

Polish glassware

Throw away old, tarnished, or unneeded dishes/silverware

Clean tables


Change lawn mower oil


Get rid of unneeded items, consider holding a yard sale or donating items

Organize everything into labeled boxes or shelving units for easy access

Mop floor


Clean out shower drain

Replace old bath rugs

Clean or replace shower curtain

Polish mirror

Clean toilets 

De-clutter and get rid of unneeded toiletries


Freshen up/clean dishwasher and garbage disposal

Deep clean pots and pants

Sort through pantry, fridge, and freezer. Throw away expired items

Mop floor


Replace light bulbs

Test smoke detectors

Clean washer and dryer

Dust molding

Wipe down windows

Organize 'junk drawers'

And, after you’ve got your home nice and tidied up, what better to do than to move onto a bit of redecorating? Carla Benefield is a manufacturer’s representative and can assist you with all home and interior design related purchases!