13 Quirky But Useful Apps You Should Definitely Download

image via topimages.org

image via topimages.org

There are so many apps that currently exist and everyday new ones are being made. Chances are you've already got a lot of apps on your phone, but there are plenty others that would serve you great purpose and you've probably never even heard of them! Below we have compiled a list of some quirky and useful apps in a variety of categories. These apps are all going to be added to our phones. We're pretty sure you'll want to download them too! Do you have other great app recommendations? Share them with us!


A great photo-editing app. Allows you to create custom filters to save and add to your own personal collection.


Sassy GIFs are the ‘it’ thing right now, and this fun app lets you create your own. Sure, it’s silly and not necessarily productive, but it’s cute and entertaining, and free, so hey, why not download it?


A mobile project management app that allows you to keep track of your own projects and tasks, and collaborate with others. It has a lot of great features that keep you organized—like file sharing, due dates, progress meters, comment sections, and more.


For anyone who loves food (so, you should all have your hands up!). This awesome app holds thousands and thousands of recipes, food related articles, and it allows you to import ingredients for selected recipes right into a handy shopping list.


Makes learning a new language fun. Being multilingual is a very handy thing in our growing international society, so commit to playing these language teaching games before bed, or on the train to work and develop a great new skill.


Lets you create digital journal entries including text and photos, which then can be exported as PDFs. It’s a great app to use to compile memories from special events or vacations.

Map My Run

Because obviously after you go for a long jog, you’ll want to see all your stats!


Great for those who are always on the go in multiple cities. While most cities have their own transportation apps, this app combines them all. Simply put in your starting point and destination and you’ll be given route options.


Your own personal finance monitor. This app will help you visualize and manage your spending.


So you never have to remember to bring your store loyalty cards with you again! This handy app keeps them all together and will even notify you when you’ve reached a reward on any of them.


This app tracks how many times you unlock your phone a day and how much time you spend in all apps, texting, or on the phone. It also has features that allows you to block certain phone features for a set period of time to motivate you to be a little less attached to your mobile device. This is an interesting app for those of us that might be slightly obsessed with our smartphones.

Attitudes of Gratitude Journal App

This simple app is a place you can jot down happy thoughts, events, and moments in your life. Then, you can revisit these entries when you’re feeling down and remember all the things you have to be grateful for. Sure, it may seem like a sort of silly app, but if you’re someone who is constantly feeling down and looking on the negative side of things, this app could be really beneficial.

Bills Reminder App

Pretty self explanatory. This app will help you keep all due dates organized so you don’t have overdue bills anymore.