DIY: 5 Minute Decorated Treat Jar

Mason jars are so versatile and super handy to have around...both in terms of storing food and in terms of crafting. It doesn't hurt that they're only about a buck or so at the craft store. Anyway, this week, I am going to be sharing DIY decorated treat jar directions. This project can be done in 5 minutes (seriously!) and is very easy. Once completed, you can put just about anything inside of it—candy, homemade goodies, etc. It makes a great gift for friends, family, and children on any occasion, both by itself or as an add on to another gift. Anytime I bake snacks to share with friends, I always give them in one of these decorated jars because it adds such a nice touch. Plus, the jars are reusable!

-Emily, BeSpoken Media PR Intern


-Mason jar.

-Scrap fabric.



-Hot glue gun.


-Candy, homemade treats, etc.

Step 1:

If your ribbon is much thicker than the screw-on mason jar lid (like mine, pictured below), simply cut the ribbon in half, or thirds, to make it the same width as the lid.

Step 2:

Using your hot glue gun, attach the ribbon to the sides of the screw-on mason jar lid. Since the glue dries quickly, you might want to do this a few inches at a time.

Step 3:

Cut your scrap fabric into a small rectangle. My scrap of fabric happened to already be a good size for this project so I did not need to cut it, but, if you are working with a large piece of fabric, place the flat lid of the mason jar on top of it and use a pencil to draw a rectangle around it, leaving about 1-2 inches of fabric all around the lid. Cut out this rectangle.

Step 4:

Fill your jar!! You could also go back and do this step at the end if your treats are not prepared yet. After it's filled, put the flat lid back on.

Step 5:

Place your fabric right on top of the lid.

Step 6:

Screw the rest of the lid on, make sure to hold the fabric in place so that the excess bits of it fall evenly around the sides of the jar. If you feel that there is too much excess fabric, take your scissors and trim it a bit more to your liking.

Step 7:

Measure your cord out to the appropriate length so that it wraps around the lid of the jar and is able to be tied.

Step 8:

Tie the cord into a bow, pull off any bits of glue that might be hanging off, and you're all done!


If giving the jar to a child, stickers placed all over the jar are a fun touch. Additionally, you could attach a little name tag if giving as a gift.