Baby Talk: Hospital Bag List for C-section

As a new Mommy (my daughter is about to be one month old, sigh!), I've found that somehow Pinterest has become a source to find any list you'd ever need (and sometimes not need at all.) From questions to ask your doctor to birthing plans, Pinterest has become a leading source for all things to help you prepare for a child. Who would have thought! While this can be convenient, the sources are of course a wide range of Moms and websites, all who have their own spin on what is actually the best advice. I am by no means an expert on being a Mom but thought I'd share my personal list of what to bring in your hospital bag, specifically for c-sections. I would say the majority of items are interchangeable with a vaginal delivery, but there are far less lists out there for Mom's who know they are having a c-section beforehand. 

1. Comfy Robe and Button Down Pajamas- I've heard some people say, don't ruin your clothes and wear the hospital gown. I'm sorry but you are stuck in the hospital for a few days when you have this operation and believe me, you will want to wear your own clothes! Having a comfy robe and button down pajamas for breastfeeding made me feel somewhat normal and comfortable while stuck in the hospital and having to breastfeed in front of everyone who visited. 


2. Motherlove Nipple Cream- Trust me ladies. I still continue to use this and it works! Breastfeeding is amazing but certainly takes some getting used to and can be painful. Not to mention the ingredients are organic and pure, so you don't have to worry about it harming your little bundle when they feed. 

3. Boppy Breastfeeding Pillow- Really you can use any pillow you'd like, but the Boppy brand has some great options that you can continue to use post-hospital. After a c-section, you cannot move, so feeding in a hospital bed can be tricky. This pillow helped me a lot (though you won't want anything touching your stomach, so there will still be some creative positioning on your end to figure out what is most comfortable.) 

4. Earth Therapeutics Aloe Socks- These are like heaven on your feet. While a bit of a splurge, you can purchase them at Whole Foods, Bed Bath and Beyond, as well as a number of other places. The last thing you want is to not have socks or slippers when you are struggling to get out of bed and limp your way to the bathroom. This particular pair will add an extra spa-like comfort that you can't find with regular socks. 

5. Loose dress to wear home- If you think you'll be popping on your jeans when you are finally allowed to leave the hospital, you are wrong. In fact, I have struggled to wear even the softest shorts since my surgery. I wore this loose-fitting dress from but any light, soft fabric will work. 

6. Organic Washable Nursing Pads- I absolutely recommend these as they are eco-friendly and organic. If you have leaking in your boobs, which you will so get ready, these are really helpful in saving your bra and clothes. Plus, you can reuse them!


7. Nursing Bra- The nursing bras from H & M are cute, comfortable and easy. I personally couldn't give into the more sports bra looking ones that are out there and wanted to hold onto some type of feeling of sexiness by buying a lace version, but comfort is really key. To each his own style-wise but having a nursing bra is a definite necessity. 

8. Swaddle Me Blanket- Add swaddling onto the list of things to try to figure out what to do, all while not being able to move so well. These are seriously lifesavers and will make your life just a little easier while in the hospital and after. Even the nurses were saying how they wished they'd had something like this when they had their own babies. 

9. Muslin Clothes- Aiden and Anais has the best muslin blankets. These can be used for burping, swaddling or just keeping the baby warm. Everyone will want to hold the baby when they come visit, so it's nice to have some other blankets to quickly wrap the baby up in. Plus, you will continue to use these.

10. There are a number of other things that you want to bring from that aren't listed above including car seat, phone charger, camera, pads (trust me you do not want to use the giant pads the hospital provides), toiletry bag with your own toiletries (you will feel like a new person the first time that you get to shower), onsies, a soft baby blanket, newborn socks or slippers and any other comfort items that will help you feel more at home!