Our Instagram Favorites

I usually try not to be stuck to my device but hey, sometimes you just need a mindless Instagram fix. We've compiled our favorites here; hope this gets your inspirational juices going! 


Kelly's Picks


This page is a mixture of French chicness and natural simplicity. Whether she shares adorable photos of her daughter, home decor, or truly creative food photos, everything on Pomverte is simply lovely.


Lovely Pepa

Alexandra of Lovely Pepa Travels Blog takes you on her journeys throughout the world all the while looking flawless and completely fashionable at all times. Her job/life is enviable for all who follow along in her travels. 


Love Cynthia

If you're looking to indulge in your inner little girl side, this is the Instagram page to follow. Cynthia, who creates pretty sketches, displays her artwork along with all of the pink deliciousness of her office from Paris. 



Whatever this dude does with photoshop is beyond me, but the absolutely stunning, colorful photos from around the world are just wonderful to look at. 


Ohmydarlings Blog

I highly recommend not only following Cassidy's Instagram page but also her blog as well. Perfect for all of the fashionable Mamas out there, this site gives you a peek into her sweet life with her two young children and cool California style. (Not to mention she does sell pieces of her bohemian-chic wardrobe here as well:)


Bree's Picks


This account cracks me up -- they call out everyone who posts yummy food that they most likely don't consume!



This is Glamorous

Gorgeously curated blog and instagram photos by blogger Roseline Lohr makes me just a tad jealous... 



Man Repeller

I've been following Leandra for years and love her take on fashion and life in general. Her sense of humor and style translates even to her instagram page. 



Alex Prager

Alex's beautiful blog showcases some very interesting cultural phenomenons. I love looking at the world through Alex's lens. 




Not another pretty ootd blog, Inez and Vino capture gorgeous shots for the fashion-inclined. Not to be missed if you love fashion.